About This Blog

This blog is my own personal review for campgrounds I have visited.  My “perfect” campground would be away from any roads with only the sound of nature in the background, has walking trails nearby with open fields or room for Roxie to run off leash, has some sort of water nearby, either a lake, stream, river or ocean, amenities include water, power and WiFi.   Of course, this is in a PERFECT world.  I highly doubt anything like this actually exists.

Most of my camping is done with my scuba diving club, Dolphin Divers of Sacramento and therefore is near the ocean however, we occasionally head inland towards the mountains. 

In this blog, I will editorialize my experience.  I am still adding all of my reviewed campgrounds to this blog.  To see a complete list of campgrounds I have reviewed and a summary of ratings for them all, visit www.reneerox.com/camping.html.

Photos in this blog will link back to my Flickr photo album from a trip to that location.  If available, links to the website for the campground will be included.


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